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Registrieren Sie sich kostenlos als FREE User bei SANUSLIFE und erhalten Sie 20 SANUSCREDITS als Willkommensgeschenk! Mit tollen Videobotschaften von der Umweltaktivistin Magdalena Geschnitzer und unserem Geschäftsführer Ewald Rieder begleiten wir Sie die ersten Tage und zeigen Schritt für Schritt, was Ihnen die SANUSWELT zu bieten hat.

Have fun navigating our site!

It’s fun. And a money-maker, too!

SANUSWORLD is a virtual Community. It offers everything that the modern social heart could wish for. Health, entertainment, lifestyle and, of course, lots of fun. An email will let you know, for example, who just added you to their friends list, who made comments about one of your photos or simply who just discovered you on the platform. After a quick login, you can reply at once. Or comment. Or post. And this is not just fun, but it's even a way to earn something, that is, SANUSCREDITS. A kind of virtual bonus redeemable in SANUSSTORE, like a voucher. This makes SANUSCREDITSas valuable as real money!

Perfect for everyone. No matter what for.

"I have to rush and check 148 emails ..." is a phrase that belongs to the past. The most advanced and sophisticated networking tools now guarantee the best communication in real time. 24 hours a day. On any kind of mobile device. Networking becomes easier, more accessible and especially more efficient.

Many groups and forums invite you to participate. Either providing assistance or publishing interesting articles – even by only actively participating in these groups an author can attract the attention of other Users. In this way Users discover each other. And get to know each other. And contact each other.

A focus on health.

It is especially the many fans of SANUS who feel comfortable under the SANUS “roof”, where health experts, physicians, consultants and researchers have the opportunity to meet and share their knowledge. Users and Members who care about their health can reap multiple benefits: to constantly expand their knowledge, share experiences and affirm themselves as real health freaks.

The advantages:

  • SC account
  • Initial credit of 20 SCs min. (worth 20 euros)
  • Communication AND networking tools
  • Opportunity to gain SCs
  • Possibility to redeem SCs inSANUSSTORE