Information sheets ECAIA carafe (DE)

Illustrated information sheet with the product description of the ECAIA carafe highlighting its characteristics, advantages and special features.
Language: german
Quantity: 100 pcs.

  • Highlights the advantages of the ECAIA carafe
  • Indicates filter efficiency in percentages
  • Gives a brief, detailed description of specific characteristics
  • Presents the ECAIA philosophy
  • Recommends other ECAIA products
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The ECAIA carafe is the ideal product for getting acquainted with ECAIA water. The product description, presented in an A4 format information sheet, provides the most important information on the characteristics, advantages and special features of the mineral flow-through water ionizer. Particular attention is given to the ECAIA filter cartridge, the heart of the ECAIA carafe, with its outstanding all-in-one filter technology.
The information sheet is designed to lend itself perfectly to being read hastily, as well as examined more attentively. Busy people with little time to spare appreciate finding the most important information at the very beginning, on the first page. Whoever has more time and wants more detailed information on the product, will find many significant details on the second page (on the back). At the end there is a brief presentation of other products in the ECAIA line dedicated to the "world of water".

Printed on high quality rough, matt paper, also suitable for taking notes. The minimum order is 100 information sheets; larger orders are always for multiples of 100.

A suggestion: we especially recommend them to PREMIUM Members, since they can be distributed easily and quickly (especially at trade shows), and are indispensable for increasing the chances of success with referrals.

Product details: Realized in the classic A4 vertical format (21 x 29.7 cm); 1 sheet = 2 pages (front and back); on matt, uncoated paper with double-sided CMYK 4-colour printing.


Top Produkt!
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sehr informativ und gut vorstellbar

31/01/2019, 18:06

Ottimo per informare e incuriosire chi si avvicina al mondo alcalino!

04/06/2018, 10:14


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Information sheets ECAIA ionizer (DE)

Illustrated information sheet with the product description of the ECAIA ionizer highlighting its characteristics, advantages and special features.
Language: German
Quantity: 100 pcs.