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Citric acid for descaling

Citric acid for descaling and clearing ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest water ionizers.

  • Recommended for clearing and descaling water ionizers
  • 100% pure food grade citric acid
  • Supplied in a practical 50 g. package, sufficient for approximately 0,5 liter of water
  • Versatile, for example, in improving jams and jellies, sweets and fruit juice
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Citric acid dissolves calcium build-up not only thanks to its acidic action, but also to the formation of a calcium complex. It is often used in cleaning products, thus avoiding the unpleasant smell of vinegar.
Virtually anything can be quickly descaled with citric acid, including water ionizers, coffee makers, kettles, faucets, showerheads, stainless steel pots, etc. It not only serves to remove unsightly calcium build-up, but also to obtain calcium-free product. Citric acid is particularly recommended for cleaning and descaling water ionizers.

How to use: simply dissolve the contents of the 50g package in about 0,5 liter of 30° C warm water and descale your water ionizer following the instructions. Below you will find a video showing how to descale the ECAIA ionizer. The same procedure also applies to the Alkabest water ionizer.


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