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Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

These are the most important milestones around SANUSCOIN.

4th quarter 2023*


Introduction of the in-house coin exchange SANUSCOIN-EXCHANGER, the acquisition of further licenses for the purpose of classifying SANUSLIFE Administration AG as a fintech company and to authorize the introduction of further international payment functions.

1st quarter 2023*

Introduction SANUSPAY Online-POS

Introduction of the app function SANUSPAY Online-POS for all online shops and all types of online payments.
Introduction of further SANUSAPP functions.

4th quarter 2022*

Introduction SANUSPAY Offline-POS

Introduction of the app function SANUSPAY Offline-POS for stationary retail, the hotel and restaurant industry and all establishments where local payments are made.
Introduction of further SANUSAPP functions.

November 2021


Introduction of the beta version SANUSAPP 1.0. This basic version already includes the SANUSMAP 2.0 version and some additional features.

September 2021

SANUSCOIN-Package sales

Obtaining the license for voucher sales from the Financial Services Standards Association (VQF) in Switzerland and direct sale of SANUSCOINS via the SANUSLIFE website in the form of SANUSCOIN packages of 300, 600 and 900 euros. To ensure that the purchase can take place as quickly as possible and without a KYC procedure, the SANUSCOIN packages are limited to 900 euros for the time being.

August 2021

Start programming

Start of SANUSAPP programming under market introduction in the form of a total of 6 releases until 100% completion and closure of the beta phase.

April 2021

Discovery with GFT

Start of the intensive discovery phase with GFT Technologies for the programming planning of SANUSAPP, including the implementation of a cloud and 100% coin-based SANUSPAY payment system as a payment gateway for the app, for SANUSSTORE, for offline and e-commerce MAP Partners and for the management of commission payments.

February 2021


Fourth SANUSCOIN-EVENT online with over 5,000 participants.

January 2021

4. Conversion SC-SAC

Fourth conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2020 into SANUSCOINS.

November 2020

Cooperations & Developments

Arrangements are made with a new coin exchange to partner with Onchain Custodian® for secure custody and management of SANUSCOINS.
Commissioned to develop SANUSAPP and further develop SANUSMAP 2.0.

September 2020

Automated payments

The software for the automated payment of commissions to distribution partners has been completed. Thousands of small transaction payments are now made weekly in favor of distribution partners.

August 2020


Online access to the virtual map service SANUSMAP 1.0 with SANUSCOIN acceptance points and other filters.

July 2020

Listing on Latoken

SANUSCOIN is listed on the coin exchange LATOKEN under the name “SACOI”.

June 2020

Expansion in South America

SANUSLIFE is increasingly expanding its business in South America with the help of SANUSCOINS.

February 2020


Third SANUSCOIN-EVENT live in Friedrichshafen with over 1,500 participants.

January 2020

3. Conversion SC-SAC

Third conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2019 into SANUSCOINS.

December 2019


Launch of the SANUSCOIN-EXPLORER. This is a website for tracking all SANUSCOIN and Bitcoin activity on the Bitcoin blockchain. All transactions ever made on this network can be viewed with this tool.

October 2019

Start POS and South America

The SANUSCOIN POS is implemented in the SANUSSTORE online shop and released for SANUSCOIN payments outside Switzerland and the European Union. At the same time, SANUSLIFE launches its business in South America.

February 2019


Second SANUSCOIN-EVENT live in Innsbruck with over 1,300 participants.

January 2019

1. Listing. 2. Conversion.

First listing of SANUSCOINS on the coin exchange NUEX.
Second conversion of SANUSCREDITS collected in 2018 into SANUSCOINS.

September 2018


The white paper has been produced and is available for download on the website.

April 2018

1. SAC-distribution

The first 100,000,000 SANUSCOINS will be transferred as a bonus to the respective SANUSWALLETS of thousands of SANUSLIFE customers and distributors as a result of the conversion (SANUSCREDITS-SANUSCOINS).

March 2018


The SANUSCOIN sees the “light of day” at 06:34:43 on 21/03/2018.
The SANUSWALLET is created for decentralized management of SANUSCOINS and Bitcoins on the Bitcoin blockchain for Android and as a web app for iOS and made available for free.

February 2018


First SANUSCOIN-OPENING-EVENT live in Innsbruck with more than 1,100 participants. For the first time it is possible to exchange Bitcoins for SANUSCOINS.

January 2018

1. Conversion SC-SAC

The first conversion of SANUSCREDITS into SANUSCOINS takes place: Members and Users of SANUSLIFE can convert their collected SANUSCREDITS into SANUSCOINS. This gives the SANUSCREDIT the function of converting into Coins in addition to its function as a discount token.

June 2017

Start Research & Development

Start of research and development work for the realization of the token SANUSCOIN.

January 2017

Cooperation with INBITCOIN

SANUSLIFE starts cooperation with the Italian crypto company “inbitcoin” based in Rovereto and commissions it to generate its own token on behalf of SANUSLIFE. The aim is to generate its own token, but to infiltrate it into the Bitcoin blockchain network as a Colored Coin with the help of inbitcoin, in order to use the infrastructure of the most secure and established blockchain in the entire world. As a basis for programming, inbitcoin relies on the open source project “Colored Coin”, which was discontinued in 2015. And therefore makes the conceivably impossible - possible.

June 2016

Inspiration Bitcoin

SANUSLIFE is looking for international payments solutions in the blockchain space, discovering Bitcoin and Bitcoin blockchain technology and holding talks with technology companies specializing in crypto.

January 2016

10 years of SANUSLIFE

SANUSLIFE takes its 10th anniversary as an opportunity to fully digitalize the trade of products in the euro area. The company introduces a new type of referral software, expands its compensation plan and from then on offers B2B solutions in addition to B2C. Since especially payments of small amounts outside the SEPA area prove to be extremely difficult and many potential customers abroad do not have a bank account, the international business is making slow progress.

January 2015

Introduction SANUSCREDIT

SANUSLIFE introduces SANUSCREDIT to incentivize online purchases. SANUSCREDITS (SC) are reward points, similar to discount tokens, that can be obtained in the form of credits for various activities at SANUSLIFE, redeemed when purchasing products from partner companies and consequently used to save money when shopping.


How it all began

In 2006, Ewald Rieder founded SANUSLIFE with the purpose of selling drinking water filters and drinking water ionizers via recommendation marketing. While the business was initially mainly offline and characterized by word-of-mouth advertising, it shifted more and more to the internet over the years. And “mouth to mouth” becomes “mouse to mouse”. SANUSLIFE is constantly looking at ways to expand and digitalize its business.

*The further events lie in the future, the more difficult it is to predict them. Therefore, SANUSLIFE updates and supplements the roadmap at regular intervals.