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MAP Partner with the „SANUSPAY“ function

As an entrepreneur you have the possibility to register as MAP Partner and offer your customers the "SANUSCOIN" utility and payment token as an alternative payment method. With the acceptance of SANUSCOIN payments you expand your range of payment methods and at the same time send out a sign of openness toward the latest technologies. Your other payment methods remain completely unaffected.

A small complimentary acceptance logo is also included!

If you select the "SANUSPAY" function during registration, you will receive the "SANUSCOIN accepted here" acceptance logo for free. You can either display this logo in printed form directly at the checkout of your shop and/or integrate it as a logo in your website - next to the other payment methods you accept. By accepting payments in SANUSCOINS you enjoy several advantages at once. Here are the most important advantages, which the interface to the SANUSCOIN utility and payment token (SAC) offers you.

No fee for receiving SANUSCOINS

To receive SANUSCOINS you only need an app, provided free-of-charge by SANUSLIFE, which you can download to your smartphone in just a few minutes. The receipt of SANUSCOINS is also free of charge. Only when you want to transfer SANUSCOINS to another wallet will an appropriate standard fee be charged in the form of Bitcoins.

Quick international payments

Payments are not made through the bank, but via the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that transactions are not effected from account to account, where the Bank must act as intermediary, but directly from wallet to wallet. Inconveniences such as waiting three working days until the money is finally in the account, or additional fees for international payments and restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount of the transaction are unknown here.

Increase your visibility

The SANUSCOIN, like the Bitcoin, has created an emerging market full of new customers looking for ways to spend their SANUSCOINS. Because there are many SANUSCOINS in circulation. Many people already possess SANUSCOINS. And in the future many more people will come to possess SANUSCOINS. Accepting the SANUSCOIN as a means of payment is an easy way to win new customers and make your own company better known. Accepting a new payment method has often proven to be a good decision for companies.

Transparent account management

The SANUSCOIN, like Bitcoin, offers you the highest level of transparency, because you can provide information through the SANUSCOIN EXPLORER and the blockchain, with which your users can check all transactions.
More information about the SANUSCOIN project can be found on our website